Comments from Exhibitors and Partners at the 2018 Show


Alex Tesch,MTU

The Singapore Yacht Show is a great opportunity to understand how the yacht market in Asia is developing and the 2018 edition gave us plenty of chances to engage with our customers.

Alex Tesch, MTU

Simpson Marine

The Singapore Yacht Show for us is a massive event, I think for the whole of Asia everybody recognises the importance of this Show. From a Simpson Marine perspective that means we bring brokers from all our various offices - Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia. We bring a full team in to support… so that shows the investment we put in as a business. Our position here is important for us and then of course we rely on the SYS team to bring in the traffic.

Certainly this year we’ve seen not just volume, but the quality of the clients too has been absolutely excellent. Not only do we recognise that the Singapore Yacht Show is an important Show for Asia, but also for our clients. From a Simpson Marine perspective we’ve had clients fly from all over the world to be able to come and see the yachts that we are exhibiting at the Show. I’m sure the other brands will be able to share the same, we all see tremendous value in the Singapore Yacht Show and hope that the team behind that continue deliver the success they have this year and years to come.

Not only have we sold the lagoon 50 here at the Show, but we also have forward orders for other models that we committed to for stock. We’ve found that’s been great and something to be really proud of for 2018

Phil Gregory, Simpson Marine

Boat LAgoon Yachting

"I would say having been at SYS for the last 5 years, this is the biggest and the best Show yet for Boat Lagoon Yachting. We’ve had the largest line-up of yachts, Princess together with our Jeanneau yachts, and we’re generally very impressed with the Show itself, the number of visitors, the quality of visitors, well done. Of all the boat shows we do, the Singapore Yacht Show is the biggest producer of leads for us."

Rico Stapel, Boat Lagoon Yachting 

Campers & Nicholsons

We are very happy with the Singapore Yacht Show, its been the premier Show in Asia for quite some time now. The first time I joined was the very first edition 8 years ago when there were no buildings, there was only one jetty and we had a 45-meter superyacht. That was very humble beginnings compared to now when you look around at the enormous atmosphere and ambiance of a real marina and big yachts. Very good. SYS is the premier Show, we can’t not be here, it’s just a must in the region. Branding wise, but also business to business and business to client, so we think it is very worthwhile for us to be here.

Bart Kimman, Camper & Nicholsons

Hong Seh

"A very proud moment and huge thank you to my colleagues Luciana Rose and Shaadiq Diyan Donna who worked so hard in the past few weeks. We’ve been completely overwhelmed since the Singapore Yacht Show with 5 yachts signed in a record breaking month. Looking forward to a series of handover parties"

Della Pearce, Hong Seh Marine

The exhibition at SYS 2018 is fantastic… This Show is special to all of us in the industry, it allows us all to showcase all our yachts in one location allowing all the people who are interested within the whole region to come to one place.

Edward Tan, Hong Seh Marine

sunreef yachts

We are very happy to be here at the Singapore Yacht Show, it has been a big success for us. It’s been very good. We’ve had a good number of visitors here at the stand, very interested in our boats. For us the Singapore Yacht Show has become an important event and when we plan our boat show schedule for the year, we can’t miss SYS. We are very happy with our participation here.

Artur Połoczański, Sunreef Yachts

Leopard Catamarans

"A good end to the Singapore Yacht Show! 4 Leopards handed over in just over a month! Leopard 40, Leopard 45, and two Leopard 51 Powercats. More to come!!"

Kit Chotithamaporn, Leopard Catamarans

One Degree 15

“The Singapore Yacht Show on the 8th edition has been doing very well for us and also delivers to the lifestyle and yachting community in this part of the region”

Arthur Tay, One Degree 15 Marina

Princess Yachts

“This year is probably set to be a record year for us and I hope it’s a record year for the Show as well”

Kiran Jay Haslam, Princess Yachts

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