The Singapore Yacht Show is excited to announce that for the first time since the show's inception, we will be offering a chance for corporates to entertain clients in a range of purpose designed spaces and experiences. These new corporate hospitality spaces are designed to offer guests a memorable experience in a unique setting. We will work with all companies to tailor the design, entertainment, food and drink to be in line with company branding and hospitality wishes. 

Whether you’re looking to entertain existing customers, potential new clients or reward staff, the Singapore Yacht Show provides a range of hospitality options to meet your hospitality needs.

Hospitality Options

  • Day & evening cruises 3-4 hours (30-50 pax)
  • Moored charter yachts for corporate parties (50-150 pax)
  • Rooftop hospitality lounges with model yacht and boat pond, bar and entertainment (private lounges for 50 - 220 guests, booths in a shared lounge in multiples of 12 pax)
  • Immersive theatrical dinners - in partnership with IAM dance collective  (40-80 pax)


  • A turn key entertainment solution with end to end event management
  • Little effort required by your self to produce the event
  • Bespoke packages can be created to match your requirements and help achieve hospitality KPI’s & ROI
  • Showing corporate customers your company can think outside the box in terms of entertainment and therefore also in business
  • Illustrating to corporate guests the access your company can provide to luxury lifestyle
  • Offering money can’t buy experiences to corporate guests
  • A chance to entertain potential new customers in an elegant setting where deals can be discussed in a relaxed atmosphere
  • A fun environment to thank and appreciate staff

For further information and to talk to a representative about creating a tailored package for you, please contact 



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