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Published: 05.02.2015


Continually looking to improve and innovate, we have been making a number of investments and updates for an improved visitor experience in 2015. Here’s a snapshot of some areas we are working on…


New for 2015, the Singapore Yacht Show is introducing a bespoke mobile app to maximise visitors’ access to key information before, during and after the Show. The app is specifically designed to give exhibitors greater visibility to visitors than ever before, with yacht listings, maps, access to registration, the ability to request appointments with exhibitors, useful information for visitors, as well as a schedule of events during the Show. The Singapore Yacht Show app will be available for Android and Apple and is due to be released in March 2015.


For the first time this year, Lucanna – Singapore’s first boutique auction house – will be hosting its ‘Fine Arts & Exquisite Luxuria Auction’ in conjunction with SYS. The auction will be on Saturday 25 April from 4 to 6 pm while the preview will be on 24 and 25 April with experts on hand to guide visitors through the lots. Lucanna specialises in unique Asian and Western fine art, antiquities, jewellery and gemstones, watches and collectables. The auction is expected to be a huge draw for collectors from around the region hoping to invest in the exciting lots brought to the Show.



This year’s event will be all about immersive experiences for visitors – whether for boating, yachting or luxury items – alongside the usual activities such as car displays and fashion shows. For a fun, productive and educational experience at the Show, there will be a greater variety of lounges and information points to accommodate all visitors and their interests. From educational displays and informative booths to invitation-only private lounges, the full range of needs have been considered and will give visitors plenty of reasons to come back for more than one day at the Show.


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