Sponsor Spotlight: Sevenstar Yacht Transport
Published: 19.03.2014

Many of the world’s finest yachts and boats are built in Europe and the US, not to mention these are the most populated cruising areas for such vessels. So for yachting and boating enthusiasts looking to move their vessels to Asia, perhaps when recently purchased or built, it’s important to have them arrive in as perfect condition as possible.

For many, finding a trusted and experienced yacht transport company to bring their prized possession to the waters of the East is the only option to consider. With a fleet of over 120 independent carriers and global network of destinations – including Singapore, Thailand and the Maldives – Sevenstar Yacht Transport is committed to servicing clients in Asia. One of the most experienced and reputable companies in the business, the Singapore Yacht Show is delighted to have the company as a sponsor once again for 2014.

“This is the third year we have partnered with the show and we are delighted with the response this partnership has brought us. Asia is a key focus for us, and the Singapore Yacht Show has proven the right platform for us to reach this new market,” said Richard Klabbers, Sevenstar Yacht Transport’s managing director.

To find out more about routes and shipping options, contact the Sevenstar Yacht Transport team to organize a meeting at the Singapore Yacht Show: Mr.Jean-Jacques (JJ) Lavigne at or Tel: +65-9746-1202.

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