Marvellous Multihulls
Published: 18.03.2014

At this year’s Singapore Yacht Show, a selection of multihulls will be on display from a number of highly respected builders and dealers. But for those with little to no experience of multihulls, whether the sailing or motor variety, they can seem alien and unfamiliar. Yet multihulls offer a huge number of benefits to owners, not least to those who have spent less time in a marine environment. So what is a multihull and why should you consider taking a tour of one when you visit the Singapore Yacht Show in April?

Quite logically, a multihull is a vessel that has more than one hull (the structural part of the vessel that is in the water). They come in a range of shapes and sizes, but the most common multihulls are catamarans, both for motor and sailing boats and yachts. Often used for racing because of their speedy attributes (see why below), the most famous multihulls of recent years were the America’s Cup catamarans from 2013’s competition – but not all multihulls insist on providing such a white-knuckle ride!

There are many benefits to catamarans, most notably the increased stability that is provided by the wider base between the two hulls compared with a single hull. They therefore offer a fantastic solution for people who suffer from seasickness.

Catamarans also provide a relatively bigger area of decks than comparable monohulls, so they offer a lot of living space both on the interior and exterior, above the waterline.

Catamarans are often faster than their monohull equivalents, both for motor and sailing vessels, because their increased natural stability takes away the need for ballast or a keel, reducing the weight.

All of these factors make multihulls a very attractive option when considering the purchase of a boat or yacht. At the Singapore Yacht Show this year, there will be variety of sailing multihulls on display, including three Lagoon models: the 19m Lagoon 620, the 16m Lagoon 52 and the 12m Lagoon 400S2 (Simpson Marine). For comfortable, fast and stable powered multihulls, Marine Max will be showing the 13m and 14.7m Aquila Power Cat models, Fontaine Pajot their 16m Queensland 55 and 12m Summerland 40 (both on display with Multihull Solutions), and BakriCono their 65' Heliotrope Solar Catamaran (see below). Last but certainly not least, internationally renowned catamaran specialist Sunreef will showcase their 21.5m powercat for the first time in Asia.  

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