Worldwide Yacht Charter Brokers Look To South-East Asia
Published: 10.01.2014

Ahead of the new Yacht Show in Phuket scheduled for February 2015, there are encouraging signs that South-East Asia and Phuket in particular is becoming the next “Must Visit" worldwide destination for yacht charter holidays.

At the Antigua Charter Yacht Show last month, the Caribbean Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA) organised their usual "Broker's Seminar", during which charter in South East Asia was one of the topics presented and discussed. Vincent Tabuteau, an experienced Asia hand, said the reception was highly positive and extremely enthusiastic, with a great many US and European brokers saying they were looking forward to the new Phuket show.

The Asia Pacific Superyacht Association (APSA) has organized a Charter Working Group, which after interviewing many owners, skippers, brokers and suppliers has confirmed that Phuket is the de facto hub for yacht charter in Asia, with a huge potential to develop in the coming years. Borneo is also rapidly emerging as the destination of choice during the summer months.

The new yacht show, long overdue and only now possible due to the developments being undertaken at Yacht Haven, will serve as a showcase for charter as well as brokerage and all aspects of the boating and leisure marine lifestyle. At the same time, it will focus the attention of the worldwide yachting industry on Phuket, on Thailand, and on the whole of the Asian region as a stunning cruising and high-end tourism destination.

For more information about this new Yacht Show in Phuket, please click here or contact Phil Blake.

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