New Phuket Yacht Charter & Brokerage Show – Dates Announced
Published: 10.12.2013

Following a tremendous surge of interest in the new yacht show announced earlier this year for Phuket, the destination hub for cruising and chartering yachts, the organisers have just announced that the dates for this much-anticipated inaugural event will now be 12-15 February 2015.

A comprehensive survey of many leading brokers in Asia, Europe and the US confirmed that the probably perfect weather and the bigger likely visitor turn-out in the middle of the season would be the best choice of timing for the new show, rather than the November or December dates originally proposed.

At the same time, the new dates will allow the developers of the revitalised Yacht Haven Marina more time to complete the extensive works. An additional 20 or 30 superyacht berths are already under way as planned, meaning that the show will be able to accommodate somewhere between 50 and 70 superyachts at the event – a tremendous capacity, unmatched anywhere in Asia.

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