Singapore Yacht Show 2014 Selling Out Fast
Published: 10.12.2013

With four months to go until opening day of the Singapore Yacht Show (SYS) next April, the whole of the on-water display area that was used for this year's show is nearly sold out.

The extra berths generously allocated by the show's host, ONE°15 Marina Club, enabling the event to grow by another 50% next year, are also quickly filling up. Event director Phil Blake commented: “The rapid take-up of berths is a significant measure of the confidence that the regional and international yachting industries have in the show. Namely, that SYS is an integral and important part of their global strategies”.

On terra firma, the air-conditioned marina-facing pavilions have been considerably expanded for next year’s edition to accommodate the burgeoning interest in the show. Encompassing dedicated sections for luxury goods, property, and marine accessories as well as luxury boat and superyacht companies, these exhibition halls offer unique opportunities to reach directly an enviable target market.

Companies interested in exhibiting at SYS 2014 should as soon as possible contact Ms. Vishmi De Silva: , Ms. Margaret Koh: , or Ms. Elena Patriarca:  to discuss remaining available options.

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