Exciting expansion for long-standing Singapore Yacht Show Yacht Transport sponsor
Published: 01.11.2013

Long-standing sponsor of the Singapore Yacht Show, Sevenstar Yacht Transport has just announced it has grown its business by adding the activities of Dockwise Yacht Transport (DYT).  DYT represents a valuable addition to Sevenstar’s services in the demanding market of yacht transportation.  Over the last decades DYT provided excellent service to a very loyal customer base. “We are happy to have DYT on board and to benefit from its qualified staff and high end yacht transport expertise to meet our clients’ needs”, says Richard Klabbers managing director of Sevenstar Yacht Transport (SYT).  

The sale includes two semi-submersible vessels that allow ‘float on, float off’ (super) yacht transportation.

For vessel transport requirements, our recommendation for professional, seamless transport of your vessel(s) is through Sevenstar Yacht Transport. More information can be found at www.sevenstar-singapore.com, or contact Mr. Jean-Jacques (JJ) Lavigne at or Tel: +65-9746-1202 for assistance or advice.

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