Getting Around In Singapore

Getting around Singapore is quick and affordable; the public transportation system is extremely easy to use and taxis are reasonably priced. Public Transportation in Singapore is very easy to use, the three main modes of public transport are buses, the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and taxis.
Visitors can also purchase the Singapore Tourist Pass for unlimited travel on the MRT and basic bus services.

Public Buses
Public bus services are operated by two main bus operators in Singapore: SBS Transit Ltd and SMRT Buses Ltd.

Singapore Bus Services (SBS)
Tel: 1 800 287 2727 / +65 6284 8866

SMRT Buses Ltd.
Hotline Tel: 1800 336 8900

For more information on public buses, click here.

Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)
There are five Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) lines covering Singapore from end to end: the East-West (EW) line, the North-South (NS) line, North-East (NE) line, Downtown line and the Circle (CC) line. The station closest to the Show site is HarbourFront MRT Station. For more information on the MRT lines, refer to the Train System Map here.

Taxis around Singapore
All taxis in Singapore are metered, cheap and air-conditioned. Fares vary according to companies. The flag-down fare normally start at S$ 3.00, then S$ 0.22 for the first kilometre. Surcharges vary also by location and time of boarding. Please click here for more details.


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