Singapore Yacht Show Terms and Conditions

of Ticket Sale and Cashless System



1        These terms and conditions of ticket sale and entry (“T&Cs”) apply to the sale of tickets sold by Singapore Yacht Events Pte Ltd (“Singapore Yacht Show”)


2        By purchasing and/or using the Ticket, the ticket purchaser (“Ticket Purchaser”) is deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by these T&Cs. If the Ticket Purchaser is purchasing Tickets on behalf of others (“Third Parties”), it is the Ticket Purchaser’s responsibility to draw to each Third Party’s attention these T&Cs and where they are available for viewing (Ticket Purchaser and Third Parties collectively “Ticket Holders”). Each Ticket Holder agrees to be bound by these T&Cs.


3        Prohibition against Ticket on-selling, unauthorised tickets and use of tickets


3.1        Without Singapore Yacht Show's written consent, Tickets cannot be transferred, resold or offered for resale at a premium, used for or in connection with any form of commercial or trade purposes (including but not limited to advertising, promotion, contest or sweepstake), or used for or in connection with any charitable purposes, such circumstances being grounds for seizure and cancellation of Tickets without refund or compensation and entry will be denied.

3.2        Tickets may only be purchased from


4        Singapore Yacht Show programme and alteration


4.1        The Singapore Yacht Show may add, reschedule (where applicable) or vary advertised programmes, prices, Show opening times, or audience capacity without refund or any compensation to the Ticket Holder.

4.2        The Singapore Yacht Show may postpone, cancel, interrupt or stop the Singapore Yacht Show, due to adverse weather, dangerous situations or any other causes beyond its reasonable control without refund or any compensation to the Ticket Holder.


5        Safety


5.1        For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all patrons, staff and Singapore Yacht Show participants, Ticket Holders must at entry and also whilst inside:

5.1.1    comply with the directions or announcements from Singapore Yacht Show’s staff and any other requirements relating to access and safety given by Singapore Yacht Show or authorities;

5.1.2    maintain safe, prudent and respectful behaviour at all times;

5.1.3    be responsible for personal items. Singapore Yacht Show will not be responsible for any damage to, loss or theft of a Ticket Holder’s personal property.

5.2        Ticket Holders attending the Singapore Yacht Show do so at their own risk, and voluntarily assume all risks and danger incidental to the Singapore Yacht Show. Singapore Yacht Show is not responsible, or accepts any liability for any direct or indirect loss, accident, damage, personal injury, death or health problem (whether arising directly or indirectly from any existing medical condition or otherwise), including that of any children under their care, associated with attending the Singapore Yacht Show.


6        Entry and Exclusion


6.1        The Ticket does not include anything (including without limitation accommodation, refreshment etc.) other than the entry to the Singapore Yacht Show, unless otherwise stated.

6.2        Singapore Yacht Show reserves the right, at all times and at its sole discretion, to refuse entry or remove any person. This includes, but is not limited to the following circumstances:

6.2.1    Ticket is damaged, defaced, forged, copied, associated with any unauthorised use or not purchased from an Authorised Ticket Outlet;

6.2.2    the presence of the person would be detrimental to or compromise safety at the Singapore Yacht Show;

6.2.3    person is deemed to be disorderly, intoxicated and/or under the influence of drugs;

6.2.4    persons wearing or displaying commercial, political or offensive signage or logos, except for official merchandise or other Singapore Yacht Show related clothing worn in good faith;

6.2.5    persons promoting, selling, or distributing unauthorized goods, literature or propaganda, or indulging in unfair competition in any way

6.2.6    entry to the Event, or to an area prohibited to the general public within the Event, was unauthorised or obtained illegally;

6.2.7    person refuses to be inspected or submit his or her belongings for inspection for prohibited items;

6.2.8    adverse weather, dangerous situations or any other causes that will affect the safety of patrons. No refund or compensation will be made under any of these circumstances.



7        Personal Data


Singapore Yacht Show collects personal information about each Ticket Purchaser which is necessary for it to manage and control the operation of the Singapore Yacht Show. Further details on the use of personal information are provided in Singapore Yacht Show’s Privacy Policy which is available at


8        Ticket delivery and collection


8.1        A Ticket Purchaser can elect to receive their Tickets by:

8.1.1         print-at-home emailed ticket

8.1.2         provided electronic QR code on ticket

8.1.3         registration at the event site

8.2        Singapore Yacht Show shall be entitled to suspend or cancel, without refund or other compensation, any online transaction on suspicion of use of fraudulent or unauthorised credit card and/or to prevent the delivery of Tickets which are subject of a suspected illegal transaction, in which case Singapore Yacht Show shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising therefrom.


9        No refunds or exchanges


9.1        No refund will be made under any circumstances, except at Event’s discretion if the Singapore Yacht Show is postponed or canceled. Conditions of refund are available at the Authorised Ticket Agents and will apply only to the edition of the Singapore Yacht Show for which the Ticket has been purchased.

9.2        No exchange of Tickets will be made unless the Singapore Yacht Show is postponed and then only in accordance with the Event’s ticket exchange policy applicable to the said Singapore Yacht Show. Conditions for exchange will be available at the Authorised Ticket Agent.

9.3        Ticket Holders must keep Tickets safe and in good condition as a duplicate Tickets cannot be replaced if lost, stolen, or destroyed unless otherwise agreed by Singapore Yacht Show and fees may apply.

9.4        Tickets are not redeemable for cash.


10     Miscellaneous


10.1     Persons under 18 years of age should seek parental consent before purchasing Tickets from the Authorised Ticket Agent (“Transaction”). Each Ticket Purchaser making a Transaction certifies that they are at least 18 years of age and that they have read and understood these T&Cs.

10.2     These T&Cs shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Singapore. By agreeing to these T&Cs, Tickets Holders agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.

10.3     If any provision of the T&Cs is found to be invalid or unenforceable by a court, the invalid or unenforceable provision shall be severed or amended in such a manner as to render the rest of the provision and remainder of the T&Cs valid and enforceable.

10.4     Singapore Yacht Show may hold liable for prosecution any person who breaches any of the above T&Cs.

10.5     Please note the above T&Cs may vary between Singapore Yacht Shows and will be reflected on

10.6     Singapore Yacht Show reserves the right to update, modify or change these T&Cs from time to time. Any change will be available at and the Authorised Ticket Agents.

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