Not only have we sold the lagoon 50 here at the Show, but we also have forward orders for other models that we committed to for stock. We’ve found that’s been great and something to be really proud of for 2018!

Phil Gregory, Simpson Marine

The Singapore Yacht Show is a great opportunity to understand how the yacht market in Asia is developing and the 2018 edition gave us plenty of chances to engage with our customers.

Alexander Tesch, MTU

Camper & Nicholsons
SYS is the premier Show, we can’t not be here, it’s just a must in the region. Branding wise, but also business to business and business to client, so we think it is very worthwhile for us.

Bart Kimman, Camper & Nicholsons

Boat Lagoon Yachting
I would say having been at SYS for the last 5 years, this is the biggest and the best Show yet for Boat Lagoon Yachting. Of all the boat shows we do, the Singapore Yacht Show is the biggest producer of leads for us.

Rico Stapel, Boat Lagoon Yachting

Hong Seh Marine
“The exhibition at SYS 2018 is fantastic… This Show is special to all of us in the industry, it allows us all to showcase all our yachts in one location allowing all the people who are interested within the whole region to come to one place.”  

Edward Tan, Hong Seh Marine

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Chief Executive Officer

Raffles Marina Club

A lifetime in the hospitality industry with the last 16 years exclusively in Asia, Ray has a wealth of experience, as to the demands and expectations of boat owners and the sailing community. Previously the General Manager of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club located in Hong Kong, Ray is CEO of Raffles Marina, in the west of Singapore, Ray has been actively involved in marina and boating associations in both countries for many years. Balancing the expectations of small boat owners, mid-range cruising boaters, racing keelboat fleets and super yacht owners and operators, with the legitimate legislative demands on the industry, has made Ray somewhat of an expert in his field. Ray says: “The growth of recreational boating in Singapore has been exponential and inside a very short space of time, we have developed a robust and healthy boating community. It is now our role to facilitate the provision of first class destinations with good infrastructure, outside of our local waters to provide this community with opportunities to explore and enjoy the wonderful and unique marine bio-diversity that this region has to offer.Through fledgling partnerships such as the Aseanarean Bluewater Alliance, established in 2012, of which Raffles Marina is a founding member, we can grow and develop nautical highways throughout the region.” Another focus close to Ray’s heart is the development of a sailing culture amongst the youth of Singapore. With Singapore Sailing Federation leading the way, the future generations of sailors and boaters are already on the water and through local Club and Marina-supported regattas and racing events, are already enjoying the fruits of their labours.

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